What are the services you offer?

Currently we have 6 services. You can see the details here. More services coming soon.

Why should you purchase services  from AppRankPro?

Our app installs are gererated by genuine unique users from all over the world and we provide you with real screen shots for each and every installs. Our all other services are result oriented. We have more than 6 years experience in the app marketing field. 

What is the source of our traffic?

We have our own community of real users from all over the world

What apps do we accept?

We do only work with the direct app links to both Google Play and iTunes App Store markets. We will not accept any tracking, affiliate, shortened links. Your app should also be free and available worldwid. You may make it available for the app promotion campaign period only.

Can you provide country specific downloads?

Currently not available. We will make it available within few months.

What payment methods do we accept?

Our main payment provider is PayPal. It is the most popular and the easiest payment method. You can contact us to discuss alternatives if paypal is not available in your country.

Are these services safe for my App?

Yes, it is. It works just like an advertising network. There is nothing illegal in it.

How many keyword installs does it take to get to the top 10?

Normally with simple keywords, which don't have a big amount of daily traffic it will take you about 200 - 300 installs, but if you take a high traffic volume keyword it might take you a lot more to get to the top.

Is it incentivized traffic?

Yes, it is. We pay users for downloading your apps.

Is there a trial period for your service?

No, unfortunately we don't provide free trial.

How is the prices?

You can see our prices here and here

Can we purchase bigger packages?

Yes, Please contact us directly here

Can we run direct app install campaign and keyword install app campaign for the same app?

Yes, you can. Just add the same app in direct apps and keyword apps list for this. 

Can we run multiple campaigns for the same app?

Yes, you can. But one by one only. After finishing one campaign you can start another anytime. Please note that mutlipe campaigns should be same type. Keyword installs and direct installs cannot be run for same app.

Can you guarantee top 10 ranking as a result of the keyword campaign?

It depends on many factors and the result varies for different apps. 200 - 300 keyword installs can bring your app keyword ranking from 50 to top 10 in most of the cases. But if the keywords are too competitive and generic, you may need more downloads on a regular basis. Due to the nature of the service, we cannot gauarantee any keyword position. But 80-90% of our clients achieved good results till date.

Keyword installs increases keyword ranking. But why we need to buy direct installs?

Daily download volume is a key factor in app ranking algorithm. Even if you have done good ASO, your apps may not rank if there is no download volume. Normal install services are aimed for such apps. It can increase category ranking.

More over, it can be used along with advertising campaigns (FB, Google, Chartboost etc) to supply additional volume. Advertsing networks charges more and here you get genuine installs at a fraction of the price.

Also, in android download count is public data. People won't bother to  download an app with no download count in store. So you can use our direct install packages to generate download volume for your apps to get some credibility.

Will you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of service, we won't be able to offer refund for completed campaigns. However, if we cannot fulfill your orders completely even after 2 days of the campaign duration, we will refund the partial amount.

Can you suggest packages for my app considering the keyword volume?

Yes, you can contact our support along with your app URL and targetted keyword. We will suggest packages accordingly.

Why iOS packages are higher in price?

We use real downloads from real users only. iOS devices are always premium and it used by people who is also premium. So we need to pay them more to generate iOS downloads.

How can we make sure we have got the agreed number of downloads?

You can see original screen shots for each and every downloads. Also you can cross check the downloads with Play store console, App store console, analytics etc

The screen shot is wrong. It is not my app. What should I do?

You can report any downloads/ screen shots within 24 hours. You will get another download free if we approve your claim.

How referrals work?

You can share the referral link (Available in account area) with your developer/marketer friends to get free credits for your campaigns. If they register and become a paid member by clicking your referral link, you will get 10% of their total spend as account credits upto 6 months. Please note that you can use this credit for your campaigns only. You cannot withdraw or transfer this credits. Share more and get more!