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We have 6 services as of now. More services coming soon.

1. Keyword Installs: iOS & Android

Boost your app’s keyword position in the App Store and Play Store, which means more people see your app on searches.

Running the keyword installs advertising campaign for both iOS and Android would increase your app’s keyword rankings and bring you thousands of new loyal organic users daily. Keyword installs is a result of a user searching app market for a certain word or word combination. And after such campaign, your application would be on top for such search results.

Price starts at $32
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2. Direct Installs: iOS & Android

Boost your app’s category rank in the App Store and Play Store, which means more people see your app on Top charts. With over 4 million apps on Play Store and App Store, getting your app discovered is one of the biggest issues faced by mobile app developers. Buying iOS and Android app installs have been proved to be a handy tool when it comes to marketing your mobile application. Play Store and App Store algorithms insist that app with a low number of downloads never appears in top results, the Stores will rank apps by how often they have been downloaded and how often they have been downloaded today. 

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3. App Store Optimization (ASO) Services

App Store Optimization is the process of optimizing mobile apps for the purpose of achieving a higher rank in the app store search results and top charts rankings. The function of optimization is to improve the visibility of a mobile app in Google Play and App Store.
App store optimization is a key component of your app success. It is an effective tool which determines Google Play and App Store success. The lack of optimization can cause your app not being seen by the target users
Due to ASO, thousands of new users will organically download and use your app without deleting it after a few minutes. Your potential installs and revenue can achieve exponential growth.

Price starts at $100

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4. Social Promotions: ASO Backlinks For Apps

Mobile App Promotion through Social Networks.
You can promote your app via many different social media channels. By promoting your app on social media, you have a huge opportunity to reach a relevant audience who owns iPhones and Android phones because 70-80% of users users access the social networks from a mobile device. Also you will get valid social backlinks which helps in ASO. Spread across entire 30 days, Direct store links with images.

Price starts at $40

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5. Ad Management (Facebook & Google)

It is a truth that we cannot make an app successful without paid promotions as per the current scenario in app store and play store. Facebook and Google are the 2 major sources of paid installs.
You may not have enough expertise to run an ad campaign effectively.
We will run Facebook & Google adwords campaigns for your apps to get the best CPI rates.

Price starts at $100

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6. Keyword Analysis: iOS & Android Apps

You have launched an app / game and wondering which are the keywords to target to increase the downloads?
Even if you are aware of the keywords, confuded about the competition and traffic volume?
We can help you. The price is really affordable. 

Price: $40/app/platform

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