The first impression is always the best impression. The rule to be kept in mind for a lifetime is a rule to follow while designing your mobile app logo as well. How do impress the majority of searchers with a logo? How to stand hundreds or thousands of competing apps? You cannot just ignore the tips and tricks of logo designing when you come to know the role of a logo in increasing the CTR (Click Through Rate). We are going to discuss the crucial tips for app logo designing.


Try to be simple if you want instant recognition. Everybody looks for the easiest way for anything they want. Convey the idea simply through the logo. It should be clear and simple to understand. Avoid cramming lots of colors or images into your app icon. Complicated icons will be confusing. It should focus on one subject only. 

Never use text or graphics to promote installation. Avoid using emojis, emoticons, or special characters. 

Use of Text

As you know logos are very small and are displayed relatively small on mobile devices. No use of cluttering words or keywords. It may cause localization problems too while launching in new countries. In some cases, the text is unavoidable. For that, use just one or two letters of small words which are clear and readable. Avoid using all capital letters in your logo. Google will not accept apps that use promotional content or misleading graphics in logos.


Watch your competitor’s designs and select a different way. Use vibrant and bright colours for icon designing to grab users attention and impression. Don’t overuse it. Select a few major colours and use the same colour palette as the app and brand. Check whether the symbols of the icon and the app are visually similar. 

Use of brand logo

A brand logo isn’t going to make you a business boost unless your brand is already quite popular. If it is not popular, your logo is not recognized by the audience and they will skip it. 


An important thing to consider when designing an app icon is the scalability of the design. You should make sure that the design can be redefined in various formats, and sizes as you might need to use the logo in multiple places. It should look good in different phones and retina display devices. In the iOS platform, keep in mind the dark mode. The logo should stand out in both white and black backgrounds. 

Icon Updates

It is important to update your logo according to the seasons and festivals like Christmas, New year, and other special days. It increases engagement with the audience. Users will definitely appreciate the seasonal touch

Watch competitors

Before creating your icon, you may want to check what your competitors are doing. You want to think from the perspective of your app user:  Why should they choose your app over competitors? By checking your competitors, you can find inspiration on how to differentiate  your icon. Your goal is to stand out from competitors using a unique icon.

Start creating your icon now. Wish you all the best for your next app!