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App ratings are the summary of all user generated feedback which is denoted in 1-5 star scale. It is the first thing that comes to the customer while searching for an app. In short app rating is the first impression of an app. It is important in app store optimization too. There are thousands of app available in store and more getting released on a daily basis too. So, dont forget that your potential users have a lot of options are already available. To stand out of this competitive crowd, you need a positive social proof! People looks for app ratings before deciding to download. And it is the obvious reason why you should focus on improving the app ratings.
In short, app ratings signal user value to the app stores, representing a core trust area for users. It shows the importance of purchasing positive app reviews for your android and ios apps.

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Mobile app reviews are the primary way for people to choose their most valuable app. No matter whether it is android app reviews or iOS/iPhone app reviews, almost 80% of people depend on mobile app reviews and ratings before installing it. So it is important to maintain the social proof of an app with positive reviews and ratings. It determines the visibility of an app and in turn, helps to improve the product. Unless it gathers more reviews, it will remain hidden with low ranks in the store. Buy android app reviews and boost the ratings. When the app rank improves, it increases the exposure and downloads as well.
Mobile app reviews matter, as it indirectly affects the visibility of the application in the respective app stores, while also determining the chances of being featured on the homepage of the app stores. Only a small percentage leaves a positive review of their app. Even a single negative comment can affect the reputation of your app. So it should be frequently monitored and balanced with more positive reviews. Once you resolve the negative feedback, then only its ranking and visibility improve dramatically. Apprankpro provides new platform to purchase android and ios app reviews and ratings.

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