iOS and Android Direct Install Services

The more installs your app has, the higher it will rank and, consequently, it has a higher chance of getting to top charts. Surely, you can get organic installs, but it’s really expensive as the cost of an organic install may cost you $1+ for most of the apps. In its turn, CPI of the incentivized traffic may be no higher than a couple of cents. In fact, you need thousands of downloads to reach the top charts or to rank for keywords.

For as little as 10 cents per install you can acquire new users.

Here are the benefits you can expect

1. Get some download volume for the app which helps in ranking.

2. You may get some real users if your app is good.

3. These campaigns can be used along with non incent campaigns to generate better volume. 

4. Helps in improve position in category chart.

5. Brand Building (People won't download apps nowadays if the total download count is below 1000)

6. Helps in getting some keywords ranked under 100 for preparing the app for a keyword app campaign. 

With the incent install campaigns, users get a reward for the download of an app and the advertiser only pays for the completed install. You will get real downloads from real users from all over the world using unique IP address.

Major advantage is that they are extremely cost-effective, as CPI for rewarded installs is significantly lower than that of non-rewarded CPI.

You can purchase campaign here

Note: Available for free apps only