Increase keyword ranking in Appstore & Playstore for iOS and Android apps

If you’re looking for a method to increase your iOS and Android app’s keyword position in store to get hundreds / thousands of organic users every day, starting an advertising campaign for keywords in app store can be your perfect solution. Keyword installs are installs that happen as a result of the user searching app store using specific keyword combinations.

A successful mobile keyword ranking campaign will help your app climb up those rankings in App Store / Play Store.

How keyword installs work?


Present app icon and keyword to users

Users will be presented with your app icon and keyword only.

Memorize the app icon and Search on store

The users will memorize the app icon and search store using the keyword.

Installing app from search result

Scroll down and find the exact app in search result using the icon and install it on their device.

After the campaign, you would reach Top 10 for the most of the keywords. After that, organic downloads can keep your ranks in most of the cases.

How can we prepare my app for the campaign?

If your app is ranking in top 100 for the keyword, you are ready to go. Else you need to do is optimize your title and keywords using the relevant keywords. Store Meta data plays an important part in app promotion, and it is an important factor of app ranking. Else you can run a direct install campaign first to help some keywords ranked under 100 for preparing the app for a keyword app campaign. Once your app is in top 100, we can launch the campaign.

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Case studies

Here are some case studies for you to check our result oriented Keyword Ranking campaign

Note: Available for free apps only

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